Thanks for checkin’ us out.

My name is Jacob Smith. I created SMTZ Media to create photo, video, and graphic design content to promote our clients’ products and services. Whether you have something you want to promote, relive, or reimagine, we’ll make it look pretty — really pretty.

We specialize in digital advertising and primarily work with the music and clothing industries, but don’t be shy — if you’ve got something you want to sell or celebrate, SMTZ Media has you covered.

We’ve been creating content for over 5 years and aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

What “SMTZ” Means

A lot of people ask us what those four letters stand for. The short answer: they don’t stand for anything. It’s a stylized version of my last name “Smith.” But the real answer to what “SMTZ” means is simple — we’ve got a distinct style that no one else can replicate. If you don’t believe us then let’s get to work, and we’ll show ya.